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fast, thorough, and sharp as a tack

social experiment: the aneboda fund

i've been thinking about getting myself a pair of nightstands for my bedroom, which is gonna cost me around $120. i've been thinking about it for the past five months now but couldn't bear to pay $60.00 for a nightstand, and since i just moved my two cc debts over to one card with 0% interest (yay!) i don't want to jeopardize that and push myself further into debt.

so this is what i'm gonna do: i swiped an office memo envelope, decorated it and called it the aneboda fund (cuz that's the name of the nightstands i wanna get from ikea), and over the next few months i'm going to put my bill change in there whenever i have any. so if i ate out, took out a $20 and got $3.58 back? i'm putting in $3.00. if i found an extra $5.00 in one of my jacket pockets, instead of buying crap with it, straight it goes to the aneboda fund. i'm hoping within the next few months (i'm shooting for three or four) i'll have the money to buy the stuff with straight cash instead of charging it on a card, kinda like the way our grandparents did it. i mean, to save $30-40 a month is totally reasonable! so while i'm still being a consumer, at least i'm being a responsible consumer, right? plus it forces me to delay gratification (maybe i'll take the money and blow it on vegas instead!) and put change money away instead of taking them straight to the local convenience store for a bar of twix.

let's see what happens.

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