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Greetings from Toronto

I don't know how it started.  I finished university debt-free (by working and by living at my mother's) in 1993.  For years I paid my credit card bills on time in full. And then I started spending and spending and spending and spending.  And I got depressed about it ... so I spent more.

Now I owe $9058CDN to VISA.  So I am seeking financial FREEDOM.

But it's not just about paying back VISA.  I am just tired of the the SPEND money on STUFF culture. (cue the George Carlon routine *wry smile*)  I need a change.  I want to change. Somehow ,however, I have found the voluntary simplicity movement a bit wanting given the VSM market that has developed around it (here's a way to buy more stuff for next to nothing).  It is also, to my mind, a bit condescending to those people who must live in poverty involuntarily. 

Anyway, that article from the Oregonian was fascinating and I wonder if I could do it too... 

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