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Update on spending

My newest test.My husband and I are not buying any clothing this (fisical) year.So far we've done 1 month.

I have been doing mostly good on the spending.

We had to buy a few things for the new place but I didn't spend extra on anything.And no nick nacks or anything like that.

I am lusting after having a rug for the livingroom but think that we will hold off until its at least 50% off.

I got two pairs of curtains for $6 because they were out of the package.They woudld have otherwise been $28.I'd say thats a pretty good savings.

I've also taken up cupon clipping.There are rearly cupons for stuff I need or use but when one is there I am using it weather its $0.05 or $1.00.Its kind of fun really.I would like a better way of organizing it into catagories and dates so I use them before they expire.

My husband has been bringing home the Sunday newspaper from work so were no longer paying for that and I'm also comparison shopping on the insert sales fliers.

We also returned the crock for Alhambra and stopped service to save about $30 a month.We can refil the 5 gallon container we have with filtered water for $0.39 at FoodsCo...I'm there anyway so no extra trip or anything.
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